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What to expect

What will the first appointment involve?

Due to infection control measures you will be required to wear a face covering. The first consultation will take approximately an hour. A full case history will be taken and you will be asked about your current problem and any conditions in the past that Yinka may feel is relevant. You will also be asked about any relevant medical history and any medication that you may be taking.

The examination will then further assess your condition and symptoms and a diagnosis of your problem will be made which will be fully explained to you.

With your consent, treatment will commence. Treatment is manual therapy which involves gentle movement of the muscles and joints, massage-like techniques, manipulation of the joints and stretching.

Questions, Queries and Feedback

Yinka will do everything possible to make you feel at ease and communicate with you during all stages of the consultation. Feel free to ask questions at anytime during your consultation particularly if there is anything you are unsure about. Feedback is welcomed during all parts of the process.

In the event of any concerns not addressed during the consultation or a complaint arising regarding your treatment at my practice, you can take the following measures. In the first instance, either speak directly with or write to me (Yinka Fabusuyi) at the practice address. If you do not wish to choose this option you can contact my Registration Body, The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC):

Tel: 0207 357 6655 ext. 224 during office hours.
Email: regulation@osteopathy.org.uk
Address: General Osteopathic Council GOsC
176 Tower Bridge Road